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Best Strategies for Betting with Bitcoin Sports Gambling

Betting with crypto has reached unprecedented heights in recent years. With a lot of online crypto bookmakers appearing, people have started to focus more on gambling with crypto because of the advantages it offers. While there are slight differences in terms of betting, and the principle remains the same, still you can manage to generate more winnings purely from the volatility of cryptocurrencies.

When we talk about strategies that exist in sports betting, there are practically no distinctions from BTC betting. Strategies for betting with Bitcoin are almost the same as regular ones. The concept does not change and you are free to use any of these strategies in numerous sports. In this article, we will have a look at the best strategies that are presented in the world of crypto sports betting.

Why Strategy is Important in Betting?

Any punter who has at least minimal experience in sports betting knows that for effective betting it is necessary to use at least one of the strategies. Today there are several dozen of them with varying degrees of effectiveness and success. After reading the strategies below, each player will be able to choose a strategy that suits them, or try different ones and select the best one. Whether it is a zig-zag betting strategy or any other one, we should note that there are not 100% winning strategies for betting on sports with Bitcoin and none of them can guarantee to win all the time, but according to statistics players who follow them generate more winnings compared to those who never turn to these strategies.

Best Strategies to Use for Crypto Betting

Strategies, as we have already mentioned above are essential for making decent bets and emerge as a winner. Let’s have a look at some of the most prominent strategies for crypto sports betting:

1. Flat

The flat strategy is one of the safest among all existing ones. Flat is of two types: with a fixed amount of the bet and a fixed percentage of the bet. The first option implies that the same bet amount is placed on each outcome, and the second – that the same percentage of the current pot is placed on each outcome. Flat is one of the best strategies for crypto betting. The main advantage of a flat is that in this strategy the bank is safe and it is completely lost only in rare cases, but the main disadvantage is the same – it will not be possible to quickly increase the bank several times.

2. Fixed income

The fixed profit strategy is based on the fact that after each won bet, the player receives the same amount of profit, taking into account the lost funds in previous bets. To start playing with the strategy, you need to determine the amount of fixed profit, note that the amount should be many times less than the available initial bank. If the main advantage of the strategy is profit after each won bet, then the disadvantage is that after a series of lost bets the player risks losing the entire pot.

3. Catch Up

The catch-up strategy is somewhat different from the previous strategies for betting with Bitcoin. The bottom line is that after the previous lost bet, another one is placed with an increased amount of the bet in order not only to win back the loss but also to gain profit. For example, a bet was made on the odds of 2.0 in the amount of 10 USD and was lost. The next bet must be made 2 times more and at a slightly higher coefficient to get the total profit. The main advantages and disadvantages, in this case, are similar to the “fixed profit” strategy.

4. Martingale

Another strategy is similar to “catch-up” at first glance. The only but significant difference here is that the coefficient plays an important role in catching up, which must be at least 2, since the amount of the bet is always doubled. Among the best strategies for crypto betting, Martingale is one of the leaders. In the Martingale strategy the player chooses an event in which he is sure and, depending on the odds, calculates the required amount of the bet to outbid everything lost and make a profit. An obvious plus in comparison with catching up is that it is not tedious to pay attention to the coefficient, but at the same time, there should be a larger budget, since the amount of the bet can increase, and significantly. The martingale strategy is frequently used in crypto football betting.

5. Anti-Martingale

The classic “Martingale method” does not take into account a series of losses, which can be significantly delayed due to which the entire pot can be lost. The anti-Martingale method implies that at the first defeat, the amount of the pot decreases, and in case of a victory, on the contrary, it increases. This allows you to save the pot during an unsuccessful streak and significantly increase profits with a whole streak of victories. This crypto sports betting strategy leaves the bank safe, but often the final profit is less than in the classic Martingale.

6. Kelly Criterion

This point is not so much a strategy as a tool for determining the correctness of the bet. Recommended for use only by experienced punters who can accurately assess the team’s chances of success. Weighing all the factors and assessing the odds of a certain event passing, you can compare these odds with the bookmaker’s odds. Let’s say you decided that the probability of an event passing is 75%. We multiply 75 by the coefficient and divide by 100. If it is more than 1, then the bookmaker underestimated the chances of winning, if less – overestimated.

7. Ladder

The essence of this strategy for betting on sports with Bitcoin is that a small amount of the first bet is taken and after each won bet the amount is placed taking into account the profit from the previous bet. The ladder ends when the required amount is reached or the bet is lost. The difference from the express is that you can follow each individual game in order, and some bookmakers allow you to sell bets at the right time, this can save you the bank in case of an unsuccessful bet, which has little chance of success during the match.

8. Line Shopping

Line shopping is more of a concept than a strategy, but it is widely used by punters to maximize their winnings. What Bitcoin betting line shopping does, is that you can compare the odds on several bookmakers’ websites and choose the best one. For example, if Barcelona are playing against Real Madrid and the odds on total over 2.5 goals are 1.5 at one bookmaker’s site and 1.55 on the second one, then you should definitely choose the latter. Even if the difference is slight, with more amount of money it could make a difference and if you have several events in your betslip, the winnings will be considerably higher. Line shopping is especially good with crypto, as there are no commissions on creating several accounts at numerous websites.

The Bottom Line

We have discussed only the most popular sports betting strategies. Once again, we should note that in fact there are many more of them, more than a dozen. You can also find more details about some of them on various websites but once again there is no 100% winning strategy. If you seriously decided to start betting, we strongly recommend that you use one or more strategies. In the case of a chaotic game with large amounts of bets from the bank or on rash outcomes, the player quickly risks losing the entire available pot.

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