Bitcoin FIFA Betting – Best Bookies With The Most Matches

eSports betting has seen a rapid surge and development in recent years and thanks to cryptocurrencies we have got a new variation of betting in the form of Bitcoin FIFA betting. FIFA is one of the most popular games and punters actually follow this game very actively. Almost every year a different version of FIFA is released, but the main concept remains the same.

Betting on FIFA is almost the same as on real football. Nothing too different that you can use to your advantage. It’s just that random event like a naked fan running on the field is impossible. In other ways, players should score goals and beat the opponents. Corner and other statistical indicators remain the same.

The most common option in FIFA betting is to predict the outcome. This is an opportunity to determine the outcome of a meeting between two participants (W1, W2, or a draw). You can also place bets on a total number of goals in one match. This indicator is influenced by the rating of the performer. It is recommended to view statistics to reduce the risk before you bet on FIFA with Bitcoins. It is allowed to bet on the total number of cards, taking into account the individual characteristics of the squad. Handicap is the difference in advantage between teams. It is expressed in the difference in the number of goals scored.

When it comes to eSports and FIFA in particular some people have a suspicion about this game. They think that RNG plays a role here but actually, everything relies on the performance and skills of players. It is a completely skill-based game, where your abilities determine the outcome of any match. You need to have good strategy and skill than your opponents and as we are talking about a pro-level, players need to practice more often in order to have better results.

Best FIFA Betting Sites

FIFA betting with Bitcoin appeared relatively recently in the online gambling industry but managed to take everything by storm. For you, we have prepared a list of the 3 best Bitcoin FIFA betting sites, that offer wagering on FIFA matches as well as decent bonuses and good odds. Let’s find out together why we have decided to rank these sites.



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1 day

Planeta X is a crypto platform with more than 1,000 games, betting on dozens of sports and welcome promotions.


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100% Up To $200

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GGbet has 50+ sports to bet on. Including a huge eSports selection. The site offers 4 different deposit bonuses and a 15% cashback that goes up to 100 euros.


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30 Minutes

With its solid experience, offers over 20 sports for betting, eSports and 100% crypto bonus on the first deposit!

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ggbet sportsbook logo

Matches: Up to 250

Coins: BTC

Bonus: 100% up to $200

License: Cyprus

GGBet is one of the best bookmakers in terms of eSports betting and when the operator started functioning in the online gambling industry is featured primarily eSports games including FIFA betting with Bitcoin alongside sports betting. At the present moment, you can actually see more than 10 titles in the line of betting. The bookmaker has really nice odds compared to its bookmakers, a good choice of additional bet market on FIFA games, and what is, even more, interesting live betting. In FIFA games you won’t miss out on the most popular championships and observe prominent players who will do everything to defeat their opponents.

GGBet generally does not have permanent deposit bonuses, but it always updates the list of temporary promotions. Most of the time they are focused on eSports betting and can reward you with additional funds, that you can freely use in eSports betting.

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rivalry sportsbook logo

Matches: Unknown

Coins: BTC

Bonus: 100% up to $100

License: Malta

Founded in 2017, Rivalry crypto bookmaker was one of the first bookmakers that started specializing in eSports matches. On the website, you can actually find every possible eSport to make your predictions on from Dota 2 to FIFA. The latter offers diverse options on different championships and tournaments where real players are competing against each other. Odds are one of the greatest compared to other bookmakers and you can select between several additional options such as total goals, handicap. Some bookmakers even propose betting on special outcomes, but this one is rarely used by punters. Rivalry also encourages its clients by other sports and constantly keeps up with modern trends and features.

As for the eSports promotions that you can use for safe Bitcoin betting on FIFA matches there is one in the form of a deposit bonus. You are given a 100% boost of up to 100$. Using the promo code RIVALRY100 is necessary, otherwise, you will not be eligible for this bonus. Meeting 5x wagering requirements is also essential to withdraw the money in the future. The minimum deposit to participate is equal to $15 and the maximum bonus received from the sportsbook is $100. Rivalry is a perfect bookmaker if you are just starting in eSports betting.

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betonline sportsbook logo

Matches: Up to 5


Bonus: 100% up to $1000

License: Curacao

Betonline brand has existed since 1991 and this is a bookmaker that can be called one of the most famous in the gambling industry, because of its features and a wide variety of different sports. As for the website of it is also a prominent and famous operator, that is primarily dominant in Latin American countries. In addition to sports betting, also has a lot of eSports including Dota 2, League of Legends, FIFA, Rainbow Six. Odds are one of the best in the market. You can sort games by time and odds format that are American, Decimal, Fractional, and Hong Kong. There is no single answer to which one is the best, as you can have a look and choose the most preferred option for you. Live betting on is supported too.

As for the eSports promotions that you can apply to BTC FIFA betting there is a 100% first-time crypto bonus. By depositing Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin, Ripple, or Stellar you will earn a 100% bonus. A minimum deposit required for qualifying is equal to $20. Meeting 14x rollover requirements is necessary to withdraw the bonus. Entering a promo code CRYPTO100 is essential to apply for the promotion.

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FIFA vs Real Football What’s The Difference?

Comparisons between FIFA and really football exists and there is actually not too hard to see the differences and similarities. Bitcoin FIFA bets are of course different. First of all both of these are football matches rules remain the same, there are 11 players in each team, and goals need to be scored to defeat your opponents. As for the differences, it’s mostly the difference between unforeseen events that can happen in real life these can be. For example, a naked fan will not enter the field it is impossible in a FIFA match, while in real football such events can actually take place. Home advantage might not have the same impact on FIFA matches as in the traditional one.

Random Events

The first one that certainly comes to our mind is random events, that can possibly have an influence on eSports games. Fan running on the field is unimaginable in FIFA matches. Rain starting suddenly is also not likely in FIFA and this can possibly not impact the overall outcome of the game and crypto betting on FIFA. Something weird and unassociated with the game happening is not feasible in FIFA, while in real football almost everything can change the progress of the game. Sometimes psychological aspects also play a role, while in FIFA, when you are the one who controls different players, nothing can change the way they are gonna play unless you are really bad at FIFA.


Injuries are usually less likely to happen in FIFA because players are much more careful with tackling. Of course, they still happen there is no question about that, but not as frequently. While in real football, injuries happen all the time. A particular football player might not tackle with the other one and injure himself without touching anyone but it does not happen in FIFA. Injuries in real football sometimes can turn the tide for the winning side if the latter loses its leader. The same can happen in a FIFA match, but as we have already discussed above, such injuries happen very rarely.

FAQ on Bitcoin FIFA Betting

Why should I bet on FIFA and not real football?

FIFA might seem duller than real football but there are several reasons why you should think of betting on this eSport rather than football with real players. First of all random events have nothing to do here unlike real football, where even the start of the rain can change everything. A lot of football players have problems playing in the rain and scoring goals. Furthermore, FIFA games are interesting to watch. Games between pro players are tense almost till the end of the game. Huge differences between scores here happens once in a blue moon because professional players are very skillful and do not give plenty of chances to their opponents.

What’s more, the matches are held on a daily basis. Almost always there are possibilities to have a look at the line of betting and choose the confrontations that are interesting to you. That also gives you another advantage.

What kinds of bets can I place on FIFA?

Betting on FIFA is similar in principle to betting on real sports games. But they still have their own distinctive features. The main types of bets, in this case, are bets on the outcome, handicap, and total. As a supplement, the outcomes can be taken on the exact score, the number of goals. Outcomes include all the results of an eSports match. That is, the result must be a victory for either team or a draw. The punters make the most bets on the main outcome.

Handicap is the advantage of one of the teams from the other. This includes the difference in goals with which matches end. The handicap can be positive and negative. With a positive handicap, it is necessary that the team, on which the punter has bet, does not win more than one goal. With a minus handicap, it is required that the team won by at least 2 goals.

Total defines the total number of goals that have been scored in a match. If the user bets on a total under 2.5, to win it is required that the teams score 2 or fewer goals in the match. Bookmakers may offer additional opportunities that are determining the exact score, guess the results of the halves, etc.

How do you bet on FIFA eSports?

Betting on FIFA eSports is pretty easy. When it comes to Bitcoin FIFA betting the only thing you need is a working crypto wallet and nothing more. Crypto wallets are used for transferring your money to the bookmaker’s balance. It could be either BTC or any other cryptocurrency supported by a particular bookmaker. After you have deposited the money on your personal balance you have everything to choose the preferred FIFA matches and start betting. This is a game that requires a thorough analysis of different players and teams in case you want to achieve considerable results by betting.