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How Does Betting On Cards in Football Work?

Football is Europe’s favorite sport, everyone always talks about the match seasons and the players’ qualities. Cards in football are given out to the players as a warning the yellow card, and as a sign that it’s time to leave the field the red card.

Betting on cards in football is not as simple as it sounds. First, you need to understand the concept of card betting. Betting on cards in football has become one of the most popular ways of betting therefore we are not surprised you have taken interest in the subject. You see that in the duration of the most famous sports game in Europe the referee gives out yellow and red cards to the players, as warnings and signs of violation.

So, betting on cards is exactly that betting on cards. You only need to guess how many cards will be given out during the game. You can bet on cards in two main ways. You can bet on the number of cards and use two-way or even three-way lines, in the two-way line you can bet over or under the line.

Understanding of the Game

To start betting on sports, firstly, you need to understand the game so you can predict the results with logical chains. You need to see how the game is developing throughout the match and take a look at each of the teams. When you can evaluate the skills of each team as a whole, you should look at the players and their mistakes.

Take a look at the game referee make sure you understand the patience of the referee and how strict they are, because some referees don’t like to stop the gameplay and are more forgiving than others. Understand the psychology of the coaches and the players from their attitude and the way they play. Are they trying to hit as many goals as possible? Are they more focused on keeping their net safe?

We also suggest you take a look at the relationship between the football players, if two of them seem like they have a rivalry well these two could cause trouble.

After you have understood the gaming process and the skills of the teams and their members, you will be ready to start betting on the cards as it is a very specific matter that requires precise attention.

What Are Booking Points in Football?

Booking points are what get awarded depending on the yellow and the red cards that make an appearance during the football match. Booking points are counted for both the football teams collectively, therefore when you bet on the amount of yellow or red card booking points, you are betting on the collective number of cards that will be given out to both of the teams.

Any yellow card has the equivalent value of 10 booking points, if you guess the red card correctly each of them has a 25 booking points value.

Bookmaker Offers

Yellow and red cards each offer different booking points, red card booking points go up to 25, as for the yellow booking points there can be 10 points earned. If a player receives a red card after getting two yellow cards, the booking points are up to 35 in total.

Football bookmakers will offer you several betting bookings. When it comes to yellow card betting, you can simply bet on the yellow card total or on the timing of the yellow cards, if you have studied the game well enough you will be able to guess at what time the players might be deserving of a warning, or at what time the referee will decide to stop the game.

Learning the skills of a team as a whole and the skills of the members, as well as the attitude that they show in the gameplay (are they trying to take or protect? are they overly aggressive or very fair?) will help you to guess which team might violate the rules first and therefore, you will be able to bet on the team that you think is going to receive the warning first.

Betting on Players

When you bet on the players, you need to have taken their skill set, attitude, and psychology into the account. You can make bets on cards before the match or even during the gameplay, so be careful and take all the time you can. You will notice that the yellow card is given out way earlier than you would expect sometimes, use this information for your benefit.

To bet on the individual player you can bet on which one of the players will receive the warning first or which player will be the one to receive the red card first.

Betting on Team Cards

When the bookmaker offers a booking point, there is the offer of betting on how many cards the team might receive. You can bet on the number of yellow card points. In total, during the game, there are up to 6 cards, therefore you can bet on 6 or fewer cards. When it comes to the red card there are 3-way versions, where you will get coefficients for both teams and the offer of Without Red Cards.

So, Is Betting On Cards In Football Easy?

It is not as easy to bet on cards in football. You have to understand the gaming process and the psychology of the players as well as the team as a whole to make a decision and predict the results. You also need to understand the referee and the way they think during the game. For this, it would be a simple practice to watch other games with the same teams or other games where they had the same referee.

You are also allowed to make bets on cards during the gameplay, so maybe you are a quick thinker and don’t need preparation beforehand. This way you can watch the players and make quick decisions when the match is going on.

All in all, it is a very popular betting system that has proven itself to be successful for those who like football, understand the game entirely, and have a gambling nature.

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