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eSports Crypto Betting Bonus – Types and Features

With eSports being in the spotlight in the modern world, more and more online crypto bookmakers are adopting the discipline into their line of betting. eSports betting bonus offers have also become prevalent because they help to attract more customers on various online betting sites. In this article, we will talk about eSports crypto betting bonuses, types, features and how it is possible to claim them.

Types of eSports Crypto Bonuses

Before we move to particular bonuses, it is necessary to point out that there are practically no differences between ordinary and crypto-oriented promotions. The only distinction is that you will receive the respective bonus in the form of Bitcoins or any other cryptocurrency. Let’s proceed with the types of crypto bonuses below.

First Deposit Bonus

First deposit bonus for eSports crypto betting is a certain amount of money set by the bookmaker, which is credited to the client’s account opened on this site. To put it simply, we can consider more details with an example: You transfer money in the amount of, say, 0.002 BTC to your personal account opened at a bookmaker’s website. According to the conditions under which the eSports betting bonus is provided, the bookmaker for the first deposit provides a 100% cash bonus of the transfer amount. This means that the same amount of 0.002 BTC is added to your money. As a result, your balance account in this bookmaker’s site will be doubled and amount to0.004 BTC.

It is one of the most widely used eSports crypto betting bonuses. In order to withdraw the specified amount from the sportsbook, you need to fulfil a certain condition, and more specifically, wager the bonus amount several times (put the amount of the bonus received on eSports events and so on several times). Thus, by placing bets in the bookmaker for a total amount equal to several sizes of the bonus received, you fulfil the conditions of the bookmaker and can cash out your money. Sometimes you need to consider that some eSports events may not be eligible for wagering.

The wagering requirement is determined individually by each bookmaker, which provides an eSports betting bonus. Let us demonstrate more clearly with an example: According to the conditions of the bookmaker, you need to roll over the amount of the bonus received 3 times. Thus, if you transferred 0.002 BTC to your bookmaker’s account before you get the right to withdraw the bonus amount, you need to place bets in this sportsbook for a total of 0.006 BTC. The number of bets themselves, as a rule, does not matter, i.e. You can place either 10 bets at 0.0006 BTC each or 1 bet on all money.

Finally, we can also note that there are options when some bookmaker may establish additional conditions for drawing bonuses in the form of minimum odds that are allowed for bets. For example, bets must be placed exclusively on those events, odds by which it will be equal to or higher than a certain value – say 1.5 (this rule applies exclusively to the withdrawal of the bonus).

Free Bet

Another popular eSports betting bonus is called a free bet. It is a certain amount of money established by the bookmaker, which is provided to the player so that he could make a free or, more correctly, call it a “risk-free” bet for a given amount. Basically, the size of free bonuses is less than the same cash bonuses, but their financial attractiveness is much higher. The main difference between free bonuses and cash bonuses in eSports is that free bonuses are not real money, but are intended and can be used only for betting. Thus, placing a bet on the amount of the received free bonus, there are only two options for further development of events:

  1. The bet wins – the player receives to his account, opened in the bookmaker’s office, the amount of the win, excluding the amount of the bet itself;
  2. The bet loses – the player wins nothing, but at the same time he loses absolutely nothing, because of the nature of this eSports betting bonus!

To explain things clearly, we will provide you with an example: You get the right to a free bet in the amount of 0.002 BTC at the bookmaker’s site.  You place a bet on an eSports event, in the outcome of which you are sure (in your opinion), with the odds. The odds are 2.50. If the bet wins, you will receive a win in your account in the amount of 2.5 * 0.002 BTC which is roughly 225$ depending on the Bitcoin’s price. Precisely because the amount of the most free bet provided by the bookmaker is canceled after winning, your winnings will actually amount to 135$ instead of the possible 225$. But they are “possible” only in the case when you bet your own money (without using bonuses) and, accordingly, risk losing it in case of loss. Having lost the eSports betting bonus, you absolutely do not risk anything and, accordingly, you will not lose a penny of your money.


Money-back, cashback or refund is the amount of the bet determined by the bookmaker, which in case of loss is fully compensated (returned to the player’s account) by the bookmaker.

Everything here is extremely simple. When you place a bet on a certain eSports event, the bookmaker guarantees you that in the event that this bet is lost, its entire amount will be returned to the player’s account opened with the bookmaker’s office. But there is a certain condition set by the bookmakers, which must be fulfilled in order to receive compensation, namely, it is necessary to place a bet on those events that are specifically determined by the bookmaker. For example: place a bet on any of the ESL Championship or other popular tournaments in eSports. Also, a condition for this eSports betting bonus here may be the requirement to place a bet on a specific sports match, and if an event agreed by the bookmaker occurs in this match, the lost bet will be returned.

Let’s consider this situation in more detail using an example: say, you need to place a bet on a specific match in the CS: GO. A lost bet will be returned only if a particular teams win the pistol round. The example we have given is mediocre, but very often bookmakers come up with and establish an extremely probable event, and a huge number of players bet on such matches. In this connection, bookmakers often have to return very decent amounts to players, but despite this, bookmakers still often provide this type of bonus to attract a number of customers.

No Deposit Bonus

When the eSports betting bonus offers were still in infancy, the betting sites were giving out quite generous bonuses just for registration. You needed to open an account at a bookmaker’s, and you immediately received a certain bonus amount. Usually, it had to be put in and only then taken out. However, if before you only needed to make a few bets on bonus funds, now everything has changed. Numerous bonus hunters began to abuse the terms of no deposit bonus, simply hoping to get easy money. The bookmakers understood this and began to change the terms of bonuses.

Now, if you receive a registration bonus for eSports betting you need to understand that it will be impossible to withdraw the funds immediately. And the wager of such welcome offers is usually large. In very rare cases, the betting sites do provide registration bonuses that can be monetized without making a deposit. We need to point out that no deposit bonuses in eSports are pretty attractive but rare occurrences at the same time.

Odds Boost

eSports odds boost is not a general bonus but more of a promotion. The bookmakers that give bonuses for the accumulator usually encourage those players who are not afraid to bet long accumulators. This means that you will receive a bonus to your winnings, depending on the number of bets in the accumulator. The bonus can even reach 30% or 40% percent. In this case, the number of bets in the accumulator must be 12 or 15, and a condition is set for the minimum odds. Therefore, it is not easy to benefit from such a bonus. For example, you need to include several events from Dota 2, CS: GO, LoL and other eSports in your betslip to get the most out of it.

By Laura Moffat

Laura Moffat

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