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Betnomi crypto sportsbook was founded in 2018. The owner is Nomi N.V and it is a fully trustworthy sportsbook that is licensed by Curacao Gambling Authority. With the official license and ISO accreditation certificate, Betnomi is special with its high-quality services and wonderful offers for every kind of player. Betnomi includes wonderful sportsbook services with more than 25 sports, tournaments, and virtual sports.

As a user-oriented sportsbook, Betnomi provides wagering in different sports such as soccer, basketball, volleyball, football, league of legends, starcraft, and others. The accessibility level is high and users can use both fiat and cryptocurrencies. More specifically, Betnomi sportsbook accepts major fiat currencies such as CAD, USD, EUR, GBP, AUD, and cryptocurrencies such as BTC, BCH, TRX, ETH, USDT, LTC, BNI, and others.

Even though it is fully licensed, Betnomi is restricted in the US, UK, France, Spain, Singapore, Ukraine, and some other countries. The users can only use the Betnomi services in the English language, from their official website. Betnomi does not provide the mobile version if you are not visiting the page from the browser.

Betnomi Sportsbook is focused to maximize the comfortable journey for every user. That is why they provide instant withdrawals and pretty affordable minimum deposit requirements. After creating the account, you can enjoy different Betnomi bonuses such as welcome bonus, VIP club bonus, and others. Betnomi provides high-quality customer support 24/7 and you can contact them via phone, Email, Telegram, or Live Chat.

Placing a Bet on Betnomi How Easy is it?

Creating an account and becoming a Betnomi user is pretty simple and does not require any special conditions. During the registration, you need to enter the general information about yourself such as name, surname, email, and password. After accepting the terms and conditions, the account will be confirmed and you will be allowed to start playing. The user always can change the email and password from the setting section, as well as currencies and avatars.

As we mentioned before, the betting requirements are affordable and easy to make. Betnomi betting site accepts both fiats and cryptos. The sportsbook does not have any minimum deposit requirement. So, Betnomi no deposit is also available but if you want to get a welcome bonus, you must place a 5 USD deposit at least.

Betnomi bitcoin sportsbook is special with a huge variety of leagues and matches. The most popular is the main leagues in football such as the UEFA Super Cup and the European Champions League. Also, NBA, NHL, and UFC are on the list of Top leagues. To outline the betting system on Betnomi more clearly, let’s illustrate the current matches in football.

This is a match for UEFA Super Cup with Real Madrid vs. Eintracht Frankfurt. For football fans, it is easy to understand that Real Madrid has more chances to win. Betnomi categorizes settings on each match page where you can choose any category you want. Also, you are free to choose the currencies in general or in crypto. Detail categorized betting options makes it easier to select the best alternative.

Other Bookmakers vs Betnomi

Even though this sportsbook platform is fully licensed and Betnomi player reviews are very positive too, to make sure that it is special and trustworthy, we have to compare Betnomi to other bookmakers. As you may know, in the gambling industry, many casinos provide sports betting, but most of them are not safe ones. The comparison will outline the advantages and disadvantages of Betnomi.

Betnomi vs BetOnline

With the general differences, BetOnline, as well as Betnomi, are licensed platforms, and BetOnline is under Panama City regulations. It is founded in 2004 but even though the different operating periods, Betnomi is more popular. With the acceptable currencies, both sportsbooks accept general fiat currencies and cryptos. But BetOnline only accepts bitcoin, Ethereum, and litecoin, whereas Betnomi has a more diverse choice. The payments are available via Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and other popular methods.

The sports catalog is also tight. On BetOnline, you can only play for football, baseball, hockey, basketball, and soccer teams, and the main league is the North American leagues. So, to conclude, Betnomi offers more diverse services in sportsbooks than BetOnline.

Betnomi vs 22Bet

Different from Betnomi, 22Bet sportsbook provides mobile support too. But between two of these platforms, there are more similarities. For example, both sportsbooks are restricted in the US. They have pretty simple and easy-to-use betting options and graphics. 22Bet currency availability is tight and only accepts bitcoin and AUD, with general currencies, EUR, and USD.

22Bet offers matches from Rocket League, and FIFA, and has a service of eSport as well as Betnomi. The sport selection is tight and you can only place a bet for football, tennis, volleyball, boxing, and hockey, whereas the Betnomi sportsbook provides a huge variety of sports.

Betnomi vs 1xBet

The differences between Betnomi and 1xBet are quite a few. Both of them are licensed and special with their high variety of sports and leagues. Both sportsbooks provide quite a high range of betting options and affordable minimum deposits, with instant and great withdrawal conditions. Also, 1xBet accepts cryptos as well as fiat currencies. The main technical difference is with mobile apps, which Betnomi does not provide, and limited live sports stream opportunities.

Does Betnomi Have Live Betting?

Betnomi sportsbook is user-oriented and for sure, it provides a live betting service. More specifically, it is available for 25 types of sports including the most popular leagues from all over the world. Betnomi creates a wonderful opportunity for all kinds of sports fans, including the most popular sports and less known such as badminton, handball, beach volleyball, ice hockey, kabaddi, hurling, netball, auto racing, squash, and others. To outline the diverse opportunities from Betnomi, Let’s review the most popular sport live betting.  These include:

  • Football
  • Tennis
  • Table Tennis


Football is the most popular sport on Betnomi and that is why this sportsbook offers all worldwide matches and Europe and World leagues. Because football is played in most countries, on Betnomi you can discover matches from more than 50 countries. Here we have to mention that you can place a bet for women’s football matches too. Every match provides visitors with detailed information about predicted bets, winning chances, past and predicted average goals, correct score tables, and every detailed information that increases the probability to place a bet correctly.


Tennis is another popular sport on Betnomi. The platform provides the tennis match live betting from 19 different countries, with all included regional and international leagues. For Example, US Open, ITF, ATP, WTA, and others. The visitors can see detailed information about every match and player with their winning scores, batting averages, etc.

Table Tennis

Table Tennis is not one of the most spread sports games in the world but on Betnomi, it is quite popular for betting. The sportsbook provides all main world series for betting such as Setka Cup, WTT contender of Zagreb and Lima, TT Elite Series, and regional matches of Armenia, Czech Republic, and Russia. As well as in other sports betting tables, here you can see the detailed scores and winning probabilities for every player, which makes betting easier.

eSports to Bet on with Betnomi

As we mentioned before, Betnomi provides eSports too which makes every user’s experience more diverse and exciting. On the website, you can enjoy a virtual football league, starcraft 2, rainbow six, virtual horse and marble racing, greyhounds, and others. The most popular eSports on Betnomi are Dota 2, League of Legends, and Heroes of the Storm. Every eSport section is categorized according to countries, with detailed information included. To outline your great possibilities on Betnomi eSports, here are some examples:

League of Legends

Betnomi categorizes League of Legends in 14 different country league championships. To place a bet effectively, with a high chance of winning, you should not be a beginner. To say frankly, betting is quite complicated compared to general sports betting and the user needs to exactly know where is better to place a bet.

Dota 2

Dota 2 is another popular eSport on Betnomi, which is presented with European, Asian, American, and Chinese division matches. Even though the match’s information is in detail, similar to League of Legends, you should know which is the better team to place a bet on. To avoid confusion, at first, it is better to get information about the strongest players.

Betnomi VIP Club Diverse Gaming Experience

Betnomi VIP club provides all high-quality and special services for loyal users. This club includes diverse opportunities that are worth being part of. During the VIP services, you will get a personalized VIP manager which can guide you to easily understand every offer and bonus you can use. This club also includes different exclusive offers, events, trips, transfers, and most importantly high -quality and instant customer support.

The VIP club includes 10 different levels where bonuses and exclusive possibilities are higher according to the users’ level. To outline the advantages more clearly, let’s describe what you will get if you are on the 10th level. This level is full of cashback and instant bonuses. You can get a daily cashback of 15% and instant ones with 11%. The increased winning chances and customized offers also include instant bonuses with the maximum amount of 125 000 USD and a Tesla car of 2022 along with limited NFT editions.

All in all, Betnomi VIP club increases profits significantly with high cashback, Rakeback, and personalized diverse offers. Our advice would be to give it a try and reach the highest level in the VIP club.

Join Betnomi With Us!

Betnomi is one of the best platforms if you love sports betting and eSports. This sportsbook unites all the main and regional leagues and matches from all over the world and describes every detail of each match. The great conditions, and comfortable process of placing a bet, make the visitors’ experience more exciting and affordable.  That is why Betnomi reviews are mostly positive. Most importantly, Betnomi is completely trustworthy and safe to try as it is under the regulations of Curacao. To become a user of Betnomi bitcoin bookmaker is simple.  There are no minimum betting requirements and bonuses can be activated after a 5 USD deposit, which is a great offer compared to other sportsbooks.

So, do not miss this great opportunity to experience a high-quality and bonus-featured platform. Create an account on Acranabet to get Betnomi bonuses and start enjoying betting on diverse choices of sports matches.

FAQs on Betnomi Sportsbook Review

Is Betnomi legit?

Yes, Betnomi is a completely safe sportsbook. It is licensed by Curacao Gambling Authority and has a certificate of ISO Accreditation. Both of these prove that every offer that Betnimo crypto bookie offers is safe, and checked, and your data and finances are secured.

What coins can I use on Betnomi?

Betnomi tries to maximize the accessibility level and makes the platform available for every type of currency user. More specifically, you can place bets and enjoy eSports with BNI, TRX, ETH, LTC, BTC, BCH, and others.

Does Betnomi support mobile devices?

No, there is no separate Betnomi application for mobile devices. But visitors can have the access to the official website from their browsers easily. You just need a device and an active internet connection.

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