Top Crypto Boxing Betting Sites

Betting on boxing is getting more and more popular because of its extreme dynamic and exciting energy. Because cryptocurrencies are getting used more frequently, most sportsbook online platforms are providing users with betting with cryptocurrencies. Today, Bitcoin Boxing betting is getting more popular compared to other sports such as football or basketball.

Betting on Boxing with Bitcoins is different from betting with real money. First of all, the difference depends on what kind of platform the player uses for betting. That is the key reason why minimum and maximum betting amount requirements are different as well as withdrawal conditions and periods. It is a well-known fact that with digital coins, players have the chance to make faster withdrawals, which can be a huge advantage for many.

The main advantage of choosing BTC Boxing betting is privacy. When you are playing with cryptos, you can use the anonymous feature and place a bet or make the transaction confidentially. If you are new to Bitcoin Boxing betting, you should know that there are several types of betting. More specifically, you can place a bet on the outcome, on early victory, on knockout, or the total round.

Top 3 Bitcoin Boxing Sites

The platform you are using for crypto betting on Boxing is one of the main factors of success. Down below, we would like to showcase the top 3 Bitcoin Boxing sites. The main reason why we outline only these three platforms out of many available bookmakers is the safe and comfortable conditions that they provide to all players. All of them are trustworthy and licensed by the different international gambling authorities. Also, they have a positive and strong reputation among users. They provide different cryptocurrencies to make the overall betting experience much more enjoyable.



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Cloudbet crypto bookie specializes in sports and eSports betting. Check 20+ sports, 10+ eSports and claim a 100% first deposit bonus!

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Instant has shown to have much better odds compared to other crypto bookies. Sign up now and bet on nearly 30 different sports!

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Bonus: 100% on the first deposit

License: Curacao

CloudBet is one of the best platforms for sports betting and accordingly, this will be your best choice to start Boxing Betting with Bitcoin. It is the most simple choice to start betting with digital coins. The website offers sportsbook services since 2013 and during that time, CloudBet has built quite a strong reputation around the world.

The main advantage which ensures us to recommend this platform is the security system. More specifically, CloudBet is licensed by Curacao Gambling Authority which means that every offer and service is checked with its financial and technical aspects and users’ inserted data is secured. Also, they have wonderful promotion offers for new land already loyal users. Their promotions are changing every time, which means increased opportunities for more bonuses and exclusive offers. Another great fact about CloudBet is that you can place a bet anonymously if you use cryptocurrency.

To become a CloudBet user is pretty simple. Their registration requirements are minimal and very easy to understand. All you need is to insert your name, username, email, date of birth, and password. After receiving a confirmation link on the email, you are officially part of the CloudBet. Along with Bitcoin, on CloudBet you can also make bets with other cryptocurrencies, such as ETH, BNB, DOGE, LTC, BCH, USDT, and others.

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Coins: BCH, TRX, DOGE, LTC, XRP, and ETH

Bonus: 200% matched deposit

License: Curacao

Stake is a very prestigious platform in the gambling industry with its games, live betting, and eSports. If you are looking for a diverse and exciting experience, you should definitely give it a try. For Bitcoin Boxing bets, Stake is a safe sportsbook with great bonuses and offers. It is special with a high reputation among the users and is fully licensed but the Curacao Gambling Authorities. You will enjoy the modern design, simple structures, and awesome bonus promotions, especially on Boxing bets.

With the great welcome packages, Stake provides loyal users with exclusive bonuses in the VIP program, with high cashback, Rakeback, awards, and other types of promotion. Also, if you are new to Crypto betting, with the high-quality and instant customer support service, you will get detailed information on every question you have. They do not hide their identity and are ready to help you 24/7.

Registration on Stake is simple. They do not ask you for special information and data. All you need is a username, email, password, and birth date. If you are going to start betting with cryptos, you should know that with bitcoin, you can place bets with BCH, TRX, DOGE, LTC, XRP, and ETH.

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Bonus: no deposit bonus code

License: Curacao is another prestigious platform where you can enjoy diverse sports betting including Boxing. This site has a very good reputation, and great reviews and is considered user-oriented and safe. operates under the Curacao government regulations which means that your data, as well as financial transactions, are safe.

With the diverse offers, they are also very well-known for their high-quality customer support. You do not need to wait for long if you have a question.

For Bitcoin users, they can enjoy boxing bets easily but the key fact you should know is that when you transfer the cryptocurrency on your deposit, they will be equivalently transferred into fiat currencies and vice-versa.

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More Bitcoin Boxing Sportsbook

As we mentioned earlier, Boxing betting is becoming more popular. There are many different platforms with diverse offers which will make it easier and more comfortable of profitable for you to bet in Boxing. To outline more great possibilities you can use, down below, we will describe more great Bitcoin Boxing betting sites, which are popular, licensed, and quite prestigious with their offers and reputation.


Coins: BTC

Bonus: 100% matched deposit

License: Malta

This is another popular platform, especially with the sportsbook services. GGBet is safe and legit. It is under the regulations of the Malta Gaming Authority which is a quite prestigious association in the gambling industry.

The platform is mainly focused on sportsbooks and eSports which is another advantage for users who want to start betting on Boxing. The platform provides affordable requirements and pretty comfortable conditions with deposits, placing bets, and withdrawal terms.

They have great quality customer support service and several options of payment methods. Minimal deposits start from 1 USD and along with bitcoin, you can place a bet with other cryptocurrencies.

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Bonus: 50% welcome bonus up to 100 USD

License: Malta is a quite popular sportsbook which is special with the high variety of different sports betting and odds. Betting on Boxing here is pretty easy because a well-structured web page makes it easy to understand which is the better side to place a bet, what is the most realistic chance of winning, and what are the predictions. Besides boxing, here you can also start betting on the most popular sports as well as eSports.

It is significant to mention that has a positive reputation and is considered a prestigious sportsbook that is completely licensed. is under the regulations of the Republic of Panama authority. They also have great welcome and VIP bonuses which increases the winning chances importantly. Currently, does not offer a high variety of cryptocurrencies, but you will definitely find the most popular ones such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin,  Tether, and Dogecoin.

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Bonus: 111% up to 3 000 USD deposit

License: Curacao

This is a quite popular bookmaker which has a high reputation in sportsbook services. BetFlip is special with its high-quality and fair offers and games. Also, the game provides players with diverse options of sports including Boxing. The website is completely safe and licensed. Also, it has higher requirements for registration and 2-step authentication to make your account and data safer.

For those who want to try Boxing betting on BetFlip, you should consider that the platform has an exclusive sports bonus which is depending on the first played deposit amount. More specifically, you can get a 111% first deposit bonus if you place a high amount of bet.

In addition, players should consider that anonymous betting is not allowed as the platform is fully oriented on transparency to increase the level of safety and trustworthiness. Also, even though they offer an exclusive welcoming bonus, they do not have a VIP bonus.

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Bonus: 100% up to 100 USD deposit

License: Curacao

1xBet is another popular sportsbook platform that includes diverse types of sports with quite exclusive bonus offers. Most importantly, 1xBet is legit and is licensed by Curacao Gambling Authority. On the other hand, the website is pretty simple and easy to use, which is one of the main advantages of the platform.

During their 10-year operating experience, they provide great offers for new and already loyal users. Starting bet on Boxing with Bitcoin will be a great experience for 1xBet users. Here we have to mention that with Bitcoin, 1xBet accepts other cryptocurrencies as well as fiat currency options.

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Bitcoin Boxing Compared to Other Sports

Because there are many Bitcoin Boxing bookmakers, some new users may get confused because of the high variety of selections. When you start betting, it is significant to be sure that the platform is safe, licensed by trustworthy international authorities, and has fair requirements as well as offers. Safe Bitcoin betting on Boxing means high profits, exciting adventures, and more encouragement. To clarify the general view more in detail and outline why Boxing bets are more adventurous than other sports, down below we will describe several comparisons.

Boxing vs MMA

The main difference between betting on Boxing and MMA is that MMA gives users more opportunities to bet which includes different betting variations, full-card variations, tournaments, and others. Also, choosing between them is mostly depending on the betting type. In Boxing as well as in MMA, there are available different alternatives, such as betting on victory, placing a bet when the fight ends, fight outcome, another round, stoppage vs decision, and others.

On the other hand, betting on Boxing is more popular. As users say, there are more possibilities and opportunities to bet which makes the process more interesting, attractive, and exciting. In both sports types, betting on the only outcome is not enough and for increased chance, players should be focused on different rounds.

Placing bets on MMA is currently getting more popular but it is still less popular than boxing. The main reason is fewer betting opportunities and quite a different structure compared to Boxing which is more difficult to adapt and understand. To conclude, everything is up to the player and their taste or interests. If you are more focused on increased winning opportunities, then you should definitely choose Boxing.

Boxing vs Hockey

The difference between betting on Boxing and Hockey is huge because the sports types are very different from each other in their rules and structure. This causes a contrast in betting options, opportunities, and profit amounts.

More specifically, betting on Hockey is featured with the money line structure. So the betting options are depending on that. Betting on Boxing is more comfortable and contains less risk which is better for those who are new and do not know what kind of sport to choose for betting. So, compared to Hockey, Boxing remains better because of better betting options.

FAQs on Crypto Boxing Betting Sites

How do you bet crypto on Boxing?

First of all, you should choose the type of Boxing. You can place a bet on professional, amateur, Olympic, and commonwealth Boxing matches. Compared to other sports types, betting on Boxing with cryptocurrencies is more available on the major sportsbook platforms.

To start betting, firstly, you should create an account and have a valid crypto wallet. Then on the selected platform you can choose the match or several matches and decide your betting amount. After inserting the deposit, you can wait until luck will help you to win.

What coins can I bet on Boxing?

You can make bets on boxing with the most popular cryptocurrencies such as BCH, BTC, LTC, DOGE, USDT, ETH, BNB, and others. This gives you the ability to stay anonymous and make faster transactions with fewer fees compared to fiat currencies.


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