Crypto Betting on Sports – Top Choices & Trends

Sports betting has always been the most popular activity for punters and with the introduction of cryptocurrencies, in recent years, we have a completely new variation in the form of Bitcoin sports betting. Almost every type of sport can be bet on with cryptocurrency as long as the sportsbook allows it. And they usually allow it. It is only necessary for a sportsbook to feature a particular sport in its line of betting.

When it comes to popularity and prevalence, the most popular sport to bet on with crypto now is football due to how many matches and leagues are available. Football without a doubt is the most widespread, watched, and followed sport in the world with billions of fans in different countries. Of course, it directly impacts the fact that punters go for this choice.

All sports that are available in crypto betting fall into the same criteria. There are technically 3 categories of sports that people choose. They select them by:

  • Popularity – how many matches are played, how many people watch them etc.
  • Odd Variety – in crypto sports betting some sports are very complex and can have multiple events happen during a match. The more things that can happen, the more things people can bet on
  • Simplicity – the sport is very simple, either this guy wins or the other guy

However, choosing a specific sport might be driven purely by the love of that sport. Some people are avid lovers of volleyball and they choose this discipline because they know the features and peculiarities of volleyball. There is no perfect sport to choose from, as all of them have their advantages and disadvantages.

Crypto Sports Betting Categories

Earlier, we have emphasized that choosing a sport to start betting with crypto is associated with some criteria. People who are just starting in the gambling industry pay attention to the factors such as popularity, odd variety, and simplicity. Before you start to bet on sports with BTC let’s have a look at each of them thoroughly and how they impact the choice.


The first indicator is without question popularity. These types of sports are usually chosen due to how many matches are available to bet on at any given time. They are also chosen because a lot more people analyze the matches before they start so strategizing is easier. For example, if we take football, it is a sport that hosts matches every day. If there are no major leagues, almost always you will see minor competitions and championships where teams playing against each other and it is possible to find tips on these matches on the Internet, which is really beneficial.

As for the other sports, in terms of popularity we can also mention:

Like football, basketball is also a watched discipline not only in the United States but in the rest of the world as well and popular when it comes to Bitcoin sports gambling. In Europe, there is EuroLeague which is similar to the Champions League in football. American football is most popular in the US, but gradually European countries are starting their own leagues and competition. Cricket is played in the United Kingdom, Australia, South Africa, and India, which has the most players and one of the strongest teams in the world.

Odd Variety

When there are a lot of additional options for punters the better for them because they can include more positions in their betslips. These sports are very chaotic, meaning a lot of things can happen during a match, or there are a lot of things people use to measure success during a match. People choose these sports when their go-to betting style is parlay betting, meaning they bet on multiple things at the same time rather than just one outcome. Parlay sports betting with bitcoin provides chances for more winnings, however, if one the bets fail in such betting, the entire betslip is lost.

Such sports usually include:

Almost every bookmaker offers a plethora of bet markets on baseball. This sport is dominant in the United States. In addition to moneyline betting, you can place bets on batters, individual players. Both rugby union and rugby league provide different possibilities for betting to punters – from total tries to handicaps. Rugby is a complex sport with complex rules. As for both types of hockey, the same applies as in the previous two. MMA is a combat sport featuring two fighters against each other. Here people mostly go for additional options, because the odds on standard betting are pretty low – especially if a favorite is fighting an underdog.


These sports are highly favored by people who don’t want to overthink their bets on sport with Bitcoin. They bet who is going to win and that’s it. While these sports do offer additional options as well, they are not as complex as their counterparts, so those who are looking for simple choices can see the sports below. Such sports include:

Golf is an individual sport – pretty pleasant to watch and the most popular bet is moneyline betting. There could be several players competing against each other and the easiest way is to predict the winner. Horse racing was one of the first sports that started featuring crypto betting alongside football. If you are fond of horse racing you can easily predict a winner of a specific race. In chess, guessing a winner could be difficult because Grandmasters are almost equal in every way, but there is a possibility of a draw that offers fewer odds. In online sports betting bitcoin, table tennis and tennis are similar in the sense that there is now a draw and even if 5 sets are played there should be only one winner. So simplicity is one of the key factors as well for choosing a sport for betting.

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FAQ on Crypto Football betting

Which sport is the most popular to bet with BTC?

The most popular bet to bet with BTC is football. When crypto bookmakers started to emerge in the gambling industry, football was actually one of the sports, which allowed punters to accept bets with cryptocurrency. Besides, football is the most-watched sport in the world with almost 4 billion viewers. Almost every country has its national championship and the Champions League, as well as the Europa League, are one of the most popular tournaments around the world. The prevalence of football is complemented by the fact that there are matches almost every day – even in the summer when there are no major tournaments. At the same time, football matches provide a broad array of options for punters than any other sport. Here you can bet on almost everything – from general outcome to statistics, which is a huge plus.

Do BTC Sports betting sites have better odds?

No, not really. They’re the same as you will see on regular bookmakers’ websites. Even if there is a difference it is very slight, which generally does not impact the overall winnings, unless you are playing with really big funds. For example, if there is a match between Barcelona and Real Madrid in La Liga and the odds on Barcelona’s win are 2.5 on a regular bookmaker’s website, crypto bookmakers may offer 2.53 or 2.47 – depending on a particular bookie. So there are no major distinctions. The same applies to the additional bet market. You can’t really see notable differences. The only thing that distinguishes BTC sports betting sites from their usual counterparts is the possibility of placing bets with crypto instead of real money.